Design for Minimal Waste


Arran St East


Dublin, Ireland

Circular Concept


Arran Street East

Arran Street East is a pottery and weaving studio based in Dublin where they make homewares and where their studio shop and workshops are based. They use traditional techniques to make and teach their crafts, throwing on pottery wheels and weaving on looms.

Arran Street East



Dublin, Ireland

The circular challenge:

Arran Street East launched their woven collection in Summer 2022. As their existing pottery practice already placed a strong emphasis on circularity, they were keen to apply a similar approach to their new woven development. They were particularly inclined to work with “waste” and to incorporate recycling into their weaving, rather than using virgin materials.

The selected circular design strategy:

  • Design for Minimal Waste

The NOW Solution: What circular solution was prototyped and what are the companies short-term circular goals?

Arran Street East have now partnered with another Irish weaver who supplies them with their ‘selvedges’ or offcuts from their finished product that would otherwise be considered ‘waste’. They then uses these scraps to produce robust, sturdy and long-lasting new products. In applying their own unique aesthetic, using traditional weaving techniques and working on non-electrical floor looms, Arran Street East are keeping traditional skills alive and creating products. Their products are not only beautiful and made from recycled materials, but also useful; they aim to keep homes warm.

Arran Street East

What were the main hurdles and lessons learnt from your prototyping phase?

So far, their main concern is whether they themselves can use up all the selvedge that is now being regularly delivered to them!

The NEXT Solution: What are your bigger / longer-term circular goals for your brand?

Arran Street East’s long term circular goal is to explore models of circularity that involve customers directly in the use and post-use phase of the product through repairs, exchanges and a rental model.

Projected future impact: What is the expected positive impact - environmental, economic, social - from your longer term circular solution.

  • To recycle 35kg of “waste” materials per week, creating new useful products
  • Reduce the use of virgin wool in their woven textile collection
  • To create one full time position in their weaving studio
  • To raise awareness amongst their customers of the impact the textile industry has on the climate and to encourage them to take action
  • To promote traditional hand craft techniques

What questions or uncertainties are you facing right now in terms of your circular development?

  • As a luxury brand, how can we market our use of recycled materials and promote a rental service model?

Call to Action:

To move from prototype to pilot, Arran Street East is looking for the following supports: 

  • A storyteller / communications expert to help frame our sustainability processes and tell the brand’s story

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Instagram: @arranstreeteast